Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is Sareb’s highest governing body. It is responsible for making decisions and establishing the company’s most relevant guidelines, which are subsequently channelled to the various departments and work areas by the management team.

In order to make progress in the accomplishment of the difficult task that was entrusted to us when we began (divesting bank assets and amortising the debt within a period of 15 years), our Board of Directors requires the talent and experience of renowned professionals within the financial and real estate sectors.

At Sareb we have strict compliance policies in place and an internal control to guarantee the integrity of the decision-making processes of our directors. These standards of ethical conduct are defined in our statutes and regulations based on a strict code of conduct.

Who forms part of Sareb’s Board of Directors?

Our Board of Directors is made up of the Chairman, the Chief Executive Officer, three independent directors and four proprietary directors. The proprietary directors intervene on behalf of Sareb’s main shareholders.

Javier Torres Riesco


Leopoldo Puig

Chief Executive Officer

Álvaro López Barceló

Proprietary director (FROB)

Juan Ignacio Ruiz de Alda

Proprietary director

Carmen Motellón

Independent director

Carmen Allo

Independent director

Julián Navarro

Proprietary director

Joaquín de Fuentes Bardají

Proprietary director

Cristina Vidal

Independent director

Reglamento Consejo (Spanish Edition. July 2023)

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