Services involving the collection of personal data or transactional processes operate via our servers in a secure environment using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, which is activated when these services are accessed.

The secure server establishes a connection in such a way that data is encrypted before being transferred. This guarantees the identity of the remote server and thus ensures that the customer is forwarding his or her data to Sareb’s central server and not to a bogus destination, using 128-bit AES algorithms that ensure that the content being transmitted can only be read by the customer’s computer and the Company’s server.

Users can be sure that they are working in a secure environment when the Web address (URL) begins with the letters ‘https’ (non-secure URLs begin with ‘http’), and when the status bar on their browser shows a closed padlock, or an unbroken (as opposed to broken) key icon appears in the bottom corner of their screen.

The guaranteed security of our servers is backed up by an extended validation certificate issued by Thawte EV SSL CA–G3 (Symantec Corporation). This certificate guarantees that the customer is sending his or her data to one of Sareb’s servers and not to a third-party that is attempting to pass itself off as Sareb.