Any personal data that is provided by data subjects for the management of their relationship with Sociedad de Gestión de Activos Procedentes de la Reestructuración Bancaria (hereinafter, Sareb) will be processed and, where necessary, incorporated into Sareb’s databases for a number of purposes, though these will always comply with the rules established in the legislation in force, particularly the regulations governing the Protection of Personal Data and the legislation relating to Information Society Services and respect for the rights of data subjects.

Sareb complies with the confidentiality undertakings associated with its activities, hence it has adopted the necessary technical measures in order to maintain the required level of security, with regard to the nature of the personal data processed and the way in which it is handled, with the aim of avoiding, wherever possible, and always according to the current state of the art, its alteration, loss or unauthorised processing or access.

Data Controller responsible for processing your data

The data controller will be the company Sociedad de Gestión de Activos Procedentes de la Reestructuración Bancaria S.A (hereinafter, Sareb), with NIF: A-86602158 and registered address located at Calle Costa Brava 12, 28034, Madrid.

Sareb has designated a Data Protection Officer (DPO), whom you may contact to ask any questions concerning the processing of your personal data, via the following e-mail address:, with the subject “Data protection”.

Data that we process

The data that we process will depend on the functionalities to which you require access from time to time. In general, the data that may be subject to processing are as follows:• Identifying or contact data (first name, surname, country from which you are interacting with us, language, etc.).

Please bear in mind that it is possible that in order to gain access to some of our website services you may be asked to provide some mandatory data (marked with an asterisk: *), as these data are necessary to ensure the correct provision of the services in question. In the event that you decide not to provide these data, it is possible that we will not be able to process your request.

Purpose of processing the data

Depending on the way in which you interact with our website, we will process your data in accordance with the following functionalities:

• To attend to the enquiries, queries and suggestions that you submit via the Contact link

We will only process the personal data that are strictly necessary in order to manage or resolve your enquiry, query or suggestion, or any other question that may arise in this connection.

• To manage your job applications

In the event that you submit your CV using the channels provided on our website, we will process the data in question in order to manage your application and, where applicable, arrange for your participation in the selection process.

• Analysis of usability and quality in order to improve our services

You are hereby informed that when you access our platform we process your browsing data for analytical and statistical purposes and to infer the special interest groups to which you may belong, according to your profile. This allows us to make improvements to our website.

We may also, on occasion, engage in activities and carry out quality surveys aimed at ascertaining levels of satisfaction among our users and identifying areas in which improvements could be made.

Authorisation for processing your data

• To attend to the enquiries, queries and suggestions that you submit via the Contact link

The legal basis that allows us to process your personal data in order to attend to your enquiries results from the consent you grant via the website when you accept the relevant terms and conditions.

• To manage your job applications

We can process your data because you have submitted your CV and have given your explicit consent to allow us to use its contents for the purposes set out above.

• Analysis of usability and quality in order to improve our services

We process your personal data in the event that you offer your consent by accepting cookies.
We also consider that we have a legitimate interest in sending out satisfaction surveys in order to ascertain the opinions of end users and customers regarding our services.

Amount of time that personal data will be retained

• To attend to the enquiries, queries and suggestions that you submit via the Contact link

The personal data obtained in order to process and manage your enquiry or request will be held for the period of time during which your enquiry or request is being processed and managed. In all cases, the data subject is hereby informed that his/her data may be held in encrypted form for the periods defined under current legislation in relation to exercising any claims that Sareb may receive.

• To manage your job applications

Personal data obtained from the curriculum vitae will be held for 18 months. In all cases, the data subject is hereby informed that his/her data may be held in encrypted form for the periods defined under current legislation in relation to exercising any claims that Sareb may receive.

• Analysis of usability and quality in order to improve our services

We will only process your data during the period in which the specific activity or quality survey takes place.

Transfer of data to third parties

Sareb will only disclose your data to suppliers and institutions that need it in order to provide the requested service (e.g. suppliers of technological or analytical services), or to parties that it is required to inform under the applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, no International Data Transfers are expected to be carried out.

Rights of data subjects

Data protection legislation grants data subjects the following rights:

• Right to access: Knowing what type of data we are processing, and the nature of this processing.
• Right to correct: Being able to request that your data be amended because it is inaccurate or untrue.
• Right to portability: Being able to obtain a copy of the data that is being processed, in an interoperable format.
• Right to limit processing in the cases defined by Law.
• Right to oppose automated decision-making.
• Right to delete: Request that your data be deleted when processing is no longer necessary.
• Right to object: Request that sales-related information no longer be sent under the above-mentioned terms.
• Right to revoke the consent given.

In any case, you may exercise any claim deemed justified in relation to your data by visiting the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( or by contacting our DPO using the above-mentioned contact details.

Changes in the privacy policy

We may possibly modify the information contained in this Privacy Policy and the information contained in our Cookies Policy when this is deemed appropriate. In this case, you will be advised via various channels in the event that the change in question has important implications for your privacy. Nevertheless, we would advise you to review our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy from time to time, in case changes have been made which, while not necessarily important, may be of interest to you.


For functional and operational reasons, browsing the Sareb website implies acceptance of cookies that are installed on devices used to access Nevertheless and in addition, this Cookies Policy is published to expand and explain the information reflected in the banner, to provide you with the basic information following your initial access to the website. Accordingly, the user is hereby informed of the definition of a cookie, the types of cookies used on this website, and how the user can manage these cookies according to the characteristics of his/her browser and device (PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc.) used to browse the website.

Likewise, the user is reminded that this Cookies Policy is permanently published on the lower section of the website so that users may consult it on future visits.

Finally, we would like to remind you that the process of browsing the website or registering on it shall be deemed as consent to install the technical and personalisation cookies, unless your browser has been configured otherwise. In all cases, users may change their browser settings at any time in line with their preferences.


In order to ensure your privacy, we hereby inform you that cookies are used on this website that enable us to improve the usability and browsing experience of the website; to ensure access to certain functionalities; and to help us improve the quality of the site based on users’ browsing habits and styles.

A cookie is a file that is downloaded onto the terminal on which the user accesses the website (PC, smartphone, tablet or other internet-enabled device) and that enables the owner of the website to store or retrieve certain information about multiple variables, such as the number of times that the page has been visited, to identify registered users, to maintain the user’s session while he/she browses the page; to offer prompts for forms, passwords, language or other individual settings; or to enable operations to be carried out in a secure and stable way.

As indicated, cookies, according their type, may collate information about users’ browsing habits and consequently may affect their privacy. We are therefore providing the necessary information about the type of cookies used on our website so that users can make an informed decision in relation to using the website and protecting their privacy.


Information about the type of cookies used on the website is given below:

1. According to their purpose

Cookies are used for different purposes, as previously explained. Sareb classifies them into five major groups according to their purpose, which are set out in this section.

Accordingly, users will be asked for specific consent for each type of cookie that Sareb may include on the website and which users must accept, such as analytical cookies. If the user rejects all cookies, only the technical and personalisation cookies will be installed, which the website needs to function correctly. Cookie types classified by purpose are:

2. According to the period of time that they remain activated for on the terminal

Cookies can have an activity period based on duration variables, depending on their type. Two types of cookies are defined by this characteristic:

3. According to the owner of the cookies

We can differentiate the following types of cookies depending on the entity that manages the domain that issues the cookies and that processes the data obtained:

4. Cookie settings

You may access the cookie settings used on the website and decide which ones are installed according to their characteristics, taking into account the information provided in this Cookies Notice, using the following link:

Ajustes de cookies


Useful links are provided here relating to the cookies of some of the main browsers and online content providers. Please note that these links may be changed by their owners and may therefore become obsolete.


Sareb may partially or fully change the Cookies Notice, publishing any change in the same way that this notice is published or via any type of communication sent to users, according to legislative or regulatory requirements, or in order to adapt this policy to the instructions of the Spanish Data Protection Agency. We therefore recommend regularly reviewing its content.