Our management team

We have a public assignment to divest the troubled assets of rescued banks. We are aware that this is an arduous task, a real challenge that is highly demanding and requires a strong commitment. Therefore, we need a team of highly qualified executives and with extensive experience in the financial and real estate sectors, which are the markets in which we operate.

Who forms part of Sareb’s management team?

Sareb’s management team is made up of the five departments chairman and five directors who support the Presidency Area; the managing director and seven area directors, who work in the company’s business areas: Portfolio Management, Real Estate Asset Management, Real Estate Developments and Asset Management, Sales Department, Financial Management and Management Control, Loan Management, People, Process and Technology Department.

Directors Committee

Jaime Echegoyen Enríquez de la Orden


Javier García del Río

Managing director

Ana Aránguez

Director of Portfolio Management

César Díaz del Pozo

Director of Real Estate Asset Management

Idoia Maguregui

Director of Human Resources, Processes and Technology

Iker Beraza

Commercial Director

Juan Ramón Dios

Director of Real Estate Development and Equity Management

Leopoldo Puig

Director of Finance and Management Control

Rafael Piaget

Director Loan Management

Presidency Area

Francisco González Paz

Director of Communications

Gaspar González-Palenzuela

Director of Sustainability

Jesús Alberto González

Director of Internal Audit

Marisa García Camarero

Director of Legal Advisory Services and Secretary of the Board of Directors

Soledad Borrego

Director of Regulatory Compliance and Institutional Relations