Shareholders and bondholders

Our company was created in 2012 as a public limited company, specifically, Sareb is the acronym of Sociedad de Gestión de Activos procedentes de la Reestructuración Bancaria, S.A. It is a mixed-capital company, 50.14% is from the FROB, which is the Fund for Orderly Bank Reestructuring, a public entity, and the remaining 49.86% is from private entities (banks and insurance companies). The following table outlines the percentage of capital belonging to each of our shareholders and bondholders.

Banco Santander, S.A.22.21%
CaixaBank, S.A.12.24%
Banco Sabadell, S.A.6.61%
Kutxabank, S.A.2.53%
Ibercaja Banco, S.A.1.43%
Gestión de Inmuebles Adquiridos. S.L.U1.27%
Banco de Crédito Social Cooperativa. S.A.1.21%
MAPFRE España, Cia Seg y Reaseg.0.69%
Mutua Madrileña0.67%
Caja Laboral Popular, C.C.0.59%
MAPFRE Vida, Cia Seg y Reaseg0.42%