Álvaro López Barceló

Proprietary director (FROB)

Álvaro López Barceló has been the Chairman of the Fund for Orderly Bank Restructuring (FROB) since 2024. Thus, he became part of Sareb’s board of directors.

He belongs to the Senior Corps of State Trade Technicians and Economists and is a Bachelor of Economic Affairs from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.  He has carried his professional activity in the Spanish economic public sector, where he has held different management positions, including that of General Director of the Treasury and Financial Policy. His responsibilities included, among others, the regulation of the banking sector, securities market and means of payment; the development of sustainable and digital finance; the financing of the Public Treasury; money laundering and terrorism financing prevention; the management of the State´s liquidity; or the negotiations on the reform of the European resolution framework during the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2023.