Collaboration with social projects and entities

In addition to our work and our determination to help others insofar as we can, we use our resources to actively collaborate with third sector associations and foundations, developing social initiative projects and those supporting vulnerable people and groups.

What projects does Sareb collaborate with?

Together with our divestment work to contribute to the improvement of the Spanish economy, since we began in 2012, we were aware that we could and should go further. This philosophy is behind numerous projects we have carried out.

Building the Future: social value jobs

In 2015, we adhered to the Integra Commitment, through the Integra Foundation, and we took part in the programme Construyendo futuro: empleos con valor (Building the future: value jobs). In the programme we promote the employability of people that have social rental agreements with Sareb.

Inicia Programme

This project was developed jointly by the Rafael del Pino Foundation in collaboration with the Global Compact. In it, various professionals from Sareb introduce real cases relating to our work concept. These are informative sessions about our adhesion to the Spanish Global Compact Network, the largest local platform of the United Nations Global Compact and about our compliance with its Ten Principles.

Which NGOs and social entities do we collaborate with?

With our work, we want to contribute to the construction of a more inclusive, egalitarian, tolerant and, ultimately, fairer, society.

Together with our collaboration in the area of social housing with the administrations, we have also collaborated in favour of disadvantaged groups with the José de María de Llanos Foundation, with the Progestión association or with La Casa Gitana.

We have also participated with the Gmp Foundation in events to give visibility to the group #MujeresconValor, an initiative of Down España, aimed at supporting women with intellectual disability in order to prevent social exclusion.

We also joined the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, publishing a response protocol to detect and determine what can be done in each case and undertaking to support the social and professional integration of victims.