Our Channels

Cabecera Canales de Venta

Despite institutional operations accounting for 6% of our annual turnover, these operations type is important in order for assets to be disposed of in sufficiently large numbers and at a reasonable rate.

In order to meet this demand, the company set up an institutional channel, the primary role of which was to sell financial assets and non-residential properties, such as hotels, industrial and logistics warehouses, retail, etc. In contrast, residential properties are virtually all sold on the retail market.

Online loan platform

To drive professional loan sales, Sareb has set up a loan sales platform – aimed at investors and professionals –, a pioneering initiative on the European market that allows it to both drive loan sales and increase their visibility on the market. Launched in July 2017, the platform aims to make loan sales more transparent, while also creating a more mature market, both in Spain and across Europe.