Sareb preselects Hipoges and Anticipa-Aliseda to manage assets valued at almost €25,300 million

The Board of Directors of the Management Company for Assets Arising from the Banking Sector Reorganisation (Sareb) has preselected Anticipa-Aliseda and Hipoges as the servicers who, as of July, will be responsible for managing and marketing the properties earmarked for sale ­– and valued at circa €25,300 million – within the company’s portfolio. 

Of the final amount due to be tendered, around €13,300 million are non-performing developer loans, while the remaining almost €12,000 million comprise residential properties, land and commercial properties to be sold on the non-institutional investment market (private individuals and companies).

Now that this decision has been made, the contracts will be finalised and signed with the servicers over the coming weeks. The two firms selected scored the highest across all the areas assessed as part of the competitive process audited by Mazars.

The selection of these servicers should allow the company to make its sales operations both more effective and more efficient. In this regard, Sareb’s aim is that these contracts will improve performance by including a much clearer definition of the resources that the servicers will agree to dedicate to its portfolio, and in terms of efficiency, this new model is expected to make lucrative savings for the company.

Before launching this competitive process – founded on the principles of transparency, independence and free competition – Sareb carried out an extensive study among the 15 leading companies in the sector. In accordance with the guidelines set out at the beginning of the process and approved during the audit, the successful candidate was selected based on their technical ability, experience and the price offered in their proposal.

All the offers received as part of the process were considered to be valid and were evaluated as such, meaning that the candidates made it through to the second phase based on their technical and financial scores, with the same criteria being applied to preselect the final candidates.

Once the contracts have been finalised and signed, as of July, Hipoges and Anticipa-Aliseda will be responsible for managing the company’s loans and selling its properties in the non-institutional investment market.

The company’s business operations relating to town planning management, completing unfinished works and property development are not included in this contract and will continue to be carried out by Serviland, Domo and Aelca – via its subsidiary Árqura Homes – the specialist operators selected by Sareb for these areas.