Sareb sells eight apartments to Socimi Almagro Capital for EUR1.8 million

Sareb has reached an agreement with the Socimi Almagro Capital to sell eight homes for a total of EUR1.8 million. The properties are currently let to senior citizens on rent-controlled leases, the conditions of which will be respected as per the agreement between the two parties.

The eight apartments comprise a total area of 878 sqm and are located in Madrid.

Sareb prides itself in ensuring properties rented to people at risk of vulnerability are well-managed, which is why it has decided to entrust these properties to a company that has guaranteed full compliance with the terms of these leases. Its commitment to these conditions also extends to the spouses of the tenants.

The agreement with Almagro Capital also includes the acquisition of a further lot of six properties, due to be completed in the next few months.