Sareb launches two new summer campaigns aimed at overseas and single buyers

Sareb has launched two summer sales campaigns, including 3,500 homes located across most of Spain, aimed at potential overseas and single buyers, looking for one and two bed properties.

There are 1,261 properties aimed at overseas buyers looking for a home in Spain, which are located in 12 coastal provinces and the Balearic Islands, with prices ranging from €33,600 for a one bed apartment in La Unión (Murcia), to €643,700 for a nine bed 250 sqm apartment in Selva (Mallorca).

Out of the thousands of units available in the ‘Spain ready to move in’ campaign, Murcia accounts for 63.2% of the properties for sale, followed by Castellón with 13.3%. During the previous campaigns aimed at these buyers, carried out in March and May, 264 homes were sold for €23.5 million.

In the campaign aimed at buyers looking for one and two bed primary residences, Sareb has a portfolio of 2,241 homes located in 34 provinces across Spain, both on the coast and inland, with prices that range from a 56 sqm apartment in Roquetas de Mar (Almeria) for €26,000 to a two bed apartment in Jávea (Alicante) for €226,500.

Almost half of the homes (953) on offer are located in Murcia. 15.5% are located in the Region of Valencia, with Alicante having the largest number of properties (181). The sales campaign also includes units in provinces such as Almería, Pontevedra, Tarragona, Cantabria, Segovia, Salamanca… The homes can be viewed on the Sareb website where information is provided on each property and its location.