Sareb gears up for the summer with a campaign including more than 3,300 coastal homes

Sareb has launched the campaign ‘El efecto costa’ (‘The beach effect’) to sell 3,314 homes located on the Canary and Balearic Islands and up and down the Spanish mainland coast. The campaign will run until 30 June and features a wide range of properties that are ideal for second homes.

With this campaign, Sareb has launched the largest lot of coastal homes ever to be released onto the market. Eighty-five percent of the properties are located on the Mediterranean coast, with the Valencia Region heading up the list (1,054 homes), followed by Catalonia (669), which features the most affordable property: a one-bed apartment, located in Deltebre (Tarragona), and on the market for €25,300. Murcia (663) and Andalusia (437) follow in third and fourth place by number of properties. The latter features the most expensive property: a three-bed penthouse, located in a luxury beachfront housing development in Estepona, and valued at €995,000. Galicia (208) accounts for two thirds of the properties in the north, ahead of Cantabria (72), Asturias (34) and the Basque Country (23). The Balearic Islands (92) and the Canary Islands (62) also have homes for sale for those looking for a second home on the Spanish Islands.

Sareb has launched the microsite, where more information on the properties for sale can be found. Each of the properties has a property description report detailing key data and photos, as well as a telephone number and a registration form, to put you in contact with the sales agent.

The homes will be sold via Altamira, Haya Real Estate, Servihabitat and Solvia, the four servicers contracted by Sareb to sell and manage its properties.