Sareb launches a new-build campaign comprising 3,700 homes

Sareb has launched a new edition of its ‘New-Build Homes’ campaign, comprised of 3,716 homes for sale. Some of these were developments that the company received uncompleted when it was founded and has since finished. 


The campaign will run for three months and includes various different types of residential properties, from apartments through to single-family homes, distributed across 16 Autonomous Regions.


The assets are located in Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia, the Madrid Region, the Valencia Region, Extremadura, Galicia, La Rioja, Murcia and Navarre.


Despite the wide range of locations, we would particularly note the amount of properties for sale on the Mediterranean coastline and in Castilla-La Mancha, where there are more than 650 homes for sale.


Prices range from €17,700 for an apartment in Sayago (Zamora), up to €394,417 for a 220 sqm villa in Das (Girona).


The details of all of the homes included in the sales campaign can be found at This microsite provides specific details on each property, its location and how to access more information.


The sale of these properties will be carried out via Altamira Asset Management, Haya Real Estate, Servihabitat and Solvia, the four servicers instructed by Sareb to manage and sell its assets.


Breakdown by regions featuring the most homes


Valencia is the region with the highest number of homes on offer, with 816 units for sale. Alicante is the leading region by number of assets in the Valencia Region (359) and also features the most affordable: a development comprised of four holiday apartments in Mutxamel, each of which is on the market for €26,300.


Castilla-La Mancha has the second highest number of properties on sale in this campaign. Of the 666 units on offer, half are located in Toledo. The most affordable property in this region is located in Burujón (Toledo) and is a 63 sqm apartment.


537 of the homes in this sales campaign are found in Andalusia. Almeria is the province with the highest number of homes for sale (201). This is also where the region’s most affordable asset is located. A development in El Ejido features a one-bed 62 sqm apartment, with an asking price of €30,000.


There are 474 homes for sale in Castilla y León. Half of the properties are located in Valladolid, due to a large scheme located in Arroyo de la Encomienda. The most affordable apartment in the whole of the sales campaign is located in Sayago in the province of Zamora (€17,700).


Murcia features 244 homes for sale, with prices ranging from €33,000 for an apartment in Torre Pacheco to €269,000 for a home in the centre of Murcia.


Of the 227 homes for sale throughout Galicia, 80% are located in A Coruña and Pontevedra.


The provinces of Girona, Barcelona and Tarragona account for virtually equal shares of the 168 properties located in Catalonia that form part of the Sareb campaign.


Cantabria features 141 homes, with prices ranging from €50,500 for a one-bed apartment in the town of Solares, and close to €316,897 for a three-storey single-family home in Ribamontán al Mar.


Badajoz accounts for the lion’s share of the 100 homes that have gone on the market in Extremadura following the completion of large schemes in the cities of Badajoz, Alange and Mérida.


Of the 66 homes on sale in Madrid, the most affordable is an apartment in Villlalbilla with a sales price of €58,000. The most expensive is a four-storey terraced home in Colmenar Viejo, with an asking price of €339,006.


There are 90 homes for sale in Aragón, of which two thirds are located in one residential development in Calatayud (Zaragoza), which also features the most affordable home sold in the region: €67,300 for a two-bed apartment.


The most affordable apartment of the 81 properties for sale in La Rioja is a 44 sqm apartment in Villamediana de Iregua, priced at €32,068, whilst the most expensive is a 3-bed apartment in Calahorra, priced at €171,300.


A 43 sqm flat in Oviedo, on sale for €65,800, is the most affordable property of the 65 located in Asturias. There are also single-family homes in the town of Noriega on the market for €242,000.


Almost all of the homes for sale in the Canary Islands (28) are located in the San Nicolás de Tolentino development (Las Palmas), where prices range from €33,000 to €80,000. There are 11 apartments located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which includes the most expensive apartment on sale in the campaign in the Canary Islands: €100,000 for a two-bed apartment in the Las Rosas – Las Galletas area.