Sareb assigns homes to Elche City Council to be used for social housing

Sareb has signed a collaborative agreement with Elche City Council to assign seven homes to be used for social needs. The agreement was signed by the city’s Mayor, Carlos González Serna, and by Sareb’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Gaspar González-Palenzuela.

According to the agreement, the properties will be transferred to the City Council’s Social Housing department for four years, during which time this department will be responsible for selecting which individuals from their social welfare programmes, will benefit from the housing.

Sareb and the city council will jointly finance the initial investment required to ensure that all the homes offer suitable living standards. In exchange for the homes, the company will receive €125 per month for each vacant home and €75 for each occupied home, which it will use to pay damage and public liability insurance, as well as service charges. The council will pay the maintenance and management charges, and will also assume the costs of any ordinary repairs.

In 2013, Sareb launched a programme aimed at regional and city councils with which it planned to commit  4,000 properties to social housing. To date, it has assigned a total of 2,367 homes via agreements signed with ten regional governments and seven city councils, including Madrid and Barcelona.

Signing this agreement with Elche City Council, takes the number of people able to benefit from the affordable rental housing plans authorised by Sareb to almost 6,000.