Sareb and Fundación Integra join forces to help vulnerable people find work

Sareb and Fundación Integra will work together on a project entitled “Building the future: Jobs with social value”, aimed at improving the employability of 30 people who are socially marginalised or financially vulnerable. The project will offer them the tools needed to find a job, via workshops in Madrid given by Sareb volunteers.

The initiative is designed to help socially marginalised people living in homes that Sareb offered as social housing, so that they can improve their chances of finding work.

The collaboration agreement between both institutions was signed in Madrid by Gaspar Gónzalez Palenzuela, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Sareb, and Ana Muñoz de Dios, Managing Director of Fundación Integra.

Those who benefit from this project will receive training at the Fundación Integra School of Empowerment, where they will be given the necessary social and work-related tools to help them break into the jobs market. The training workshops will be given by Sareb volunteers.

By signing this agreement and undertaking this project, Sareb joins the Integra Commitment, a network of companies and institutions that was set up by Fundación Integra in 2015, with the goal of creating social value by supporting socially responsible employment.