Sareb assigns 30 homes to the Navarre Regional Government to be let as affordable housing

​Sareb will assign 30 homes to the Navarre Regional Government to be let as affordable housing. As established in the agreement signed by the Counsellor for the Department of Social Rights and the Chairman of Navarra de Suelo y Vivienda S.A. (Nasuvinsa), Miguel Laparra Navarro, and Sareb’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Director, Gaspar González-Palenzuela. This is the eleventh agreement that Sareb has signed with autonomous regions and large city halls.

The agreement establishes that Nasuvinsa will manage the transferred homes for six years, thereby helping to cover its need for more affordable housing. The rental price will be below 30% of the overall household income and it will also be this entity that selects the people that will benefit from the housing, as part of its social welfare programme. Up to 50% of the homes assigned can be occupied by families without a rented or purchased property, in which case Nasuvinsa will help to rectify these situations.

In exchange for assigning these properties, Sareb will receive a monthly compensation of 75 euros for the occupied homes and 125 euros for vacant homes. In doing so, Sareb will then cover costs such as damage insurance and public liability, service charges and taxes. Nasuvinsa will be responsible for obtaining the energy efficiency certificates, if the properties do not already have them, paying the standard maintenance and repair costs for the homes and providing technical assistance to the tenant, among others.

Sareb has offered a total of 4,000 homes to autonomous regions and large city halls, so that they can be used as part of their social welfare programmes. The company has currently made 2,255 homes available via the agreements signed with nine autonomous regions and the Madrid and Barcelona city halls.

The signing of this agreement now means that more than 7,800 people benefit from Sareb’s affordable housing to let assignment plans.