Social housing

In 2013, Sareb created a social housing assignment programme for use by the Public Administration, since this is the institution responsible for housing and addressing cases of vulnerable groups with the support of social services. The pool of apartments reserved for this purpose stands at 15,000 units.

These are properties assigned to autonomous communities, town councils and the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda in order to act in situations of social emergency and facilitate affordable rental properties. Therefore, we not only work to fulfil our mandate of divesting assets and amortising the Government-backed debt, as we also contribute to increasing the pool of public social housing in Spain.

Sareb and its commitment to social housing

Since our formation, we assumed an active role in the assignment of social housing. During an initial stage, we created numerous agreements with regional governments and major local corporations, with whom we managed to create a social pool of around 2,000 assigned houses. In 2015, we increased this figure to 4,000.

In 2020, we steadily continued towards an even greater social contribution in the area of housing, with a much more ambitious property assignment strategy. During this new phase, we have reached out at a more local level, to tackle the housing problem from its more immediate aspect and because we have established that this is the most effective route.

In February 2021, Sareb made another 5,000 properties available to the administrations to be used for affordable rental properties, after signing a protocol together with the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda.

This means we have directly collaborated with the Public Administration to increase the number of social housing dwellings to 15,000.

Social housing through collaboration agreements with autonomous communities

We have assigned a total of 1,679 social housing dwellings through collaboration agreements with nine autonomous communities:

Autonomous community Houses
Andalucía 400
Cantabria 40
Canarias 50
Castilla y León 100
Comunidad Valenciana 30
Cataluña 930
Extremadura 45
Galicia 50
La Rioja 34

Social housing through collaboration agreements with town councils

We have assigned a total of 1,172 social housing dwellings through collaboration agreements with 28 town councils:

Social housing search

40 social housing agreements found

0 0
A Coruña Concello de Miño 12 0
Alicante Almoradí 15 0
Alicante Elche 13 0
Barcelona Badalona 0 2
Barcelona Barcelona 200 0
Barcelona Canet de Mar 10 0
Barcelona Cardedeu 1 0
Barcelona Granollers 17 0
Barcelona L'Hospitalet de Llobregat 50 0
Barcelona Sabadell 80 0
Barcelona Sant Sadurní d'Anoia 4 0
Barcelona Santa Coloma de Gramanet 220 0
Barcelona Villafranca del Penedès 15 0
Córdoba Córdoba 17 0
Girona Blanes 10 0
Girona Sant Feliú de Guíxols 11 0
Girona Sant Joan Les Fonts 6 0
Girona Llagostera 6 0
Lleida Lleida 60 0
Madrid Madrid 0 108
Madrid San Sebastián de los Reyes 9 0
Málaga Málaga 6 0
Barcelona Manresa 40 0
Barcelona Mataró 15 0
Murcia Mataró 54 0
Murcia Archena 5 0
Barcelona Sant Antoni de Vilamajor 13 0
Santander Santander 6 0
Sevilla Sevilla 15 0
Tarragona Amposta 7 0
Tarragona Calafell 58 0
Tarragona El Vendrell 20 0
Tarragona L'Ametlla del Vallés 35 0
Tarragona Sant Jaume d'Enveja 5 0
Valencia Gandía 25 0
Valencia La Pobla de Vallbona 6 0
Valencia Riba-roja 3 0
Valencia Sagunto 25 0
Valencia Torrent 16 0

What is Sareb’s social housing programme?

With this initiative, Sareb cooperates with local administrations to alleviate exceptional situations involving different groups, by means of the temporary assignment of property usufruct rights.

Social housing sold to the Public Administration

In order for the social contribution to be extended over time, we have not only renewed the property assignment agreements, in some cases, we have offered different administrations the possibility of acquiring these properties under advantageous conditions, so these can be definitively included in their pool of public housing dwellings. To date, we have sold a total of 212 properties to the administrations.

Public Administration Houses
Madrid 98
Castilla y León 17
Canarias 11
Badalona 2
País Vasco 9
Comunidad Valenciana 75

Alternative affordable rents: Sareb’s social rental programme

As well as the agreements with the Public Administration, if we identify a vulnerability case in any of our properties, we always inform the relevant town councils and social services.

We work in coordination with public officials to identified possible cases of people at risk of social exclusion and, if this is the case, we offer them the possibility of renting the property they are living or an alternative one through the social rental programme as a solution.