Now or Never : 2,500 homes starting from €26,000

Sareb has launched a marketing campaign featuring a portfolio of 2,458 homes. Prices start at  €26,000, although the majority of the properties are around the €45,000 mark.

The properties form part of the “Now or Never” campaign and are located in around thirty different provinces across Spain, with two thirds situated in the Region of Murcia (over 900 properties), the Region of Valencia (397) and Catalonia (337). There are 96 homes for sale in Andalusia, while in the north of Spain the campaign includes 116 homes in Galicia, which is ahead of Cantabria (30) and Asturias (3).

Many of the properties in central mainland Spain are located in the Region of Madrid (90) and the province of Toledo (86).

Information about the properties for sale can be found at, where you can find details about each home, a map with its location, photos and other useful information.