AENOR certifies Sareb’s model for crime prevention

Sareb has been awarded the AENOR certification for Crime Prevention in Organisations, thereby becoming the sixth company and the first part publicly-owned entity to achieve this certification. Sareb’s Executive Chairman, Jaime Echegoyen, was presented with the certificate by AENOR’s Managing Director, Avelino Brito.

This certification, named IURISCERT, confirms that the company complies with the Technical Specifications for Crime Prevention Management Systems established for AENOR companies. This is a leading model in Spain and is principally aimed at preventing crime and reducing criminal risk in companies, thereby favouring ethical and law-abiding practices.

The Technical Specifications for Crime Prevention Management Systems in companies represent a set of requirements designed to define, implement, maintain and improve management systems in order to prevent offences that may involve criminal liability for the company.

They are also aimed at detecting, resolving and reducing the effects of any crimes committed. The model was created in response to Law 1/2015, which introduced reforms to the Spanish Criminal Code and established that companies that introduce crime prevention models that meet certain requirements may be released from criminal liability.

Furthermore, the recent Circular 1/2016 issued by the General State Attorney’s Office regarding reform of the Criminal Code outlines that such certificates may be accepted as enhancing the efficacy of crime-prevention models when deciding whether to exempt companies that have implemented such models from criminal liability.

The model that Sareb has implemented is based on a series of continuing improvements and not only incorporates measures for monitoring and oversight but also meets requirements relating to management, planning and regular analysis.

With this certification, Sareb reaffirms its commitment to its company values, which are based on civic duty, transparency and integrity. Since its creation, the company has been continually developing its ethical standards model, implementing the systems and regulations required to validate it.