Alfredo Guitart, Sareb’s new Managing Director of Business

Sareb’s Board of Directors has approved the appointment of Alfredo Guitart as Sareb’s new Managing Director of Business. With this decision, the Executive Chairman of the company, Jaime Echegoyen, has now completed the new restructuring of the company, which he began back in February with the appointment of Manuel Gómez Gilabert as Managing Director of Global Resources and Óscar García Maceiras as Managing Director of Legal and Corporate Development. This restructuring will help the new servicers to adapt to Sareb’s sales marketing model.


In parallel to the Managing Director of Business, Sareb has created a Head of Direct Management, who will report directly to the Executive Chairman and who will manage the tasks that the company has decided to manage with its own teams. This will involve relations with key clients, institutional sales and real estate development. Juan Ramón Dios, formerly Director of Recoveries, will hold this new post.


According to Jaime Echegoyen, “with this internal restructuring we have adapted to a business model, which will allow us to manage our assets more efficiently with the help of the new servicers”. At the end of last year and via a competitive tender process Sareb selected Altamira, Haya Real Estate, Servihabitat and Solvia as the new servicers of the company’s asset portfolio for the forthcoming years.


Alfredo Guitart, who up until now held the position of Director of Global Transformation, will be in charge of defining the commercial strategy, coordination and supervision of the work that will be carried out by the servicers, as well as the transformation process that these new servicers must go through in order to adapt to Sareb’s requirements. In order to achieve this, he will draw on two other Heads of Department, one being Head of Network, who will be tasked with driving and monitoring the work that the new servicers carry out, and another Head of Products and Services, who will define the commercial strategy. These two heads of department are Marisela González, formerly from the Transactions area and Enrique Martín Barragán, who previously worked in Transformation.


The new restructuring means that the current positions of Head of Transactions, Property and Recoveries will disappear. Luis Martín Guirado, formerly Director of Transactions leaves the Company having contributed to consolidate Sareb in to one of the main market players.