Current Initiatives

Current Initiatives

Collaboration with NGOs

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We actively work with several voluntary associations and foundations, including the Soñar Despierto Foundation. This organisation develops socio-educational projects aimed at children. In February 2017,...

Environmental Management Policy

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We are deeply committed to respecting and protecting the environment, as per the principles and goals set out in our Environmental Management Policy. Quality is our number one concern in all the services...

Sareb Ambassadors

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We explain our mandate and our commitment to society in different schools and colleges. We give talks to A-level and higher education vocational students as part of the ‘Sareb Ambassadors’ initiative, an...

Social housing

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We have created several social programmes aimed at helping less-favoured groups, designating a total of 4,000 homes to social housing. To date, we have already assigned more than 2,375 homes to 11...

CSR - Supplier Standardisation

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As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy we are committed to developing a sustainable and responsible asset management policy for our stakeholders. Since 2016 we have been taking into...

Temporary assignements

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Since our founding, we have actively worked with City Councils and owners’ associations that need us to temporarily assign them one of our properties, usually for specific recreational or community...