Code of Conduct

Our new Code of Conduct, approved in April 2019, is testament to our corporate culture, establishing the commitments which are required to meet the expectations and requirements set out in our business mandate.

It outlines the conduct that is expected of all our employees and suppliers, always in accordance with the strict ethical standards, respect for human rights and equal rights, as well as dignity of the individual.

CSR - Supplier Standardization

Since 2016 we have been taking into consideration the active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies of our suppliers, when it comes to evaluating and selecting their proposals. We assess the CSR policies of all companies participating in any tender process before they can become one of our suppliers.

Global Compact Progress Report

In September 2013 we became a member of the United National Global Compact, testament to our steadfast commitment to implementing its fundamental Ten Principles. The principles are related to human rights, labour laws, the environment and corruption.

Our progress in each one of these areas can be seen every year in the corresponding Annual Progress Report.