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Pre Commercialization

Legal Disclaimer

The purpose of this section is to provide information on the catalogue of assets belonging to Sareb that are classified as having pre-marketing* status. These assets, which cannot yet be acquired, will be subject to sale and development in the future through the different actions taken via the commercial channels used by Sareb and its Servicers. The information provided in respect of these assets is in the process of being reviewed and is therefore offered solely for information purposes. It may not be regarded in any other way, and Sareb does not guarantee its accuracy, reserving the right to introduce amendments to the information published, which does not constitute any kind of offer, pre-contractual or contractual value, or guarantee, and does not imply any form of recommendation. Please quote the property reference on the Sareb Responds form if you wish to receive more information.

*Pre-marketing: the phase prior to “developing, offering or advertising the asset for sale”, during which interested parties cannot acquire the asset because at that time the information or attributes required in law for its sale or necessary for the correct management of its sale by Sareb are not available.

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