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Legal Disclaimer

- The aim of this auction channel is to provide wider publicity for the auctions in which the asset being auctioned is security for a Sareb loan

- The information relating to electronic auctions included on this website is taken from the Official Spanish State Journal’s auctions portal, meaning that the data that it includes has neither been prepared nor confirmed by Sareb. 

- Sareb does not have any direct or indirect connection with the Official Spanish State Journal’s auctions portal. The information published on this website is intended solely for information purposes and may not be used in any other way. 

- You can locate the auctions on the Official Spanish State Journal’s auctions portal, and these auctions may or may not be held, according to the legislation in force, without Sareb having any direct or indirect involvement in their content, the validity or currency of the data, or the results of the auctions in question.

- The requirements necessary to take part in these auctions and the conditions in which they are to be held will be agreed by the relevant Judge, Notary Public or organisation.

- You can consult the user’s manual issued by the Official Spanish State Journal’s auctions portal  here.

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