Who we are

Cabecera quienes formamos SAREB

We boast a team of 394 highly qualified men and women, specialising in various fields.

Our professionals have an average of 19 years’ experience working in various sectors, particularly real estate and finance.

As we did not have enough employees to manage the size of our asset portfolio on their own, we assigned the management and administration of our properties to four external servicers (Altamira Asset Management, Haya Real Estate, Servihabitat and Solvia), who also operate across Spain.

This “extended company” business model will allow us to fulfil our mandate within the established timeframe, before 2027, without having to unnecessarily increase headcount.

Our professionals are aware of the key role that a company such as Sareb plays and the commitment we have made, not only to the Spanish and European authorities, but also to Society as a whole. Hence, since we were founded, we have adhered to a strict internal code of conduct based on our principles and values: transparency, integrity and commitment to society.