Supervisory regime

Cabecera Supervisión

Sareb is subject to a strict supervisory regime undertaken by three institutions: the Bank of Spain, the National Securities Markets Commission (CNMV) and the Monitoring Committee.

The Monitoring Committee is chaired by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitivity and comprised of the Bank of Spain, the Ministry of Taxes and Public Authorities and the CNMV, as well as the European Central Bank, which acts as an overseer. The Committee's role is to analyse the company’s business plan and any potential deviations, as well as the plans for the disinvestment and amortisation of the underwritten debt.

As well as the work completed by the Monitoring Committee, Sareb publishes information regarding its business activity in its half-yearly and yearly reports, detailing the work completed during these periods, as well as its revenues, costs and compliance with internal policies. These reports are published on Sareb's corporate website, in the reports section.