Corporate governance

Jaime Echegoyen Enríquez de la Orden

Jaime Echegoyen Enríquez de la Orden

A graduate in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Jaime Echegoyen boasts 35 years of experience in the national and international financial sector, in which he has held various executive positions.

He was the CEO of Barclays in Spain and Portugal (2011-2013) and prior to that CEO of Bankinter (2002-2010), where he began working in 1988.

Prior to joining Bankinter, Jaime worked for nine years at Bank of America, in the New York and London headquarters.

Gaspar González-Palenzuela

Director of CSR

Manuel Enrich

Director of Investor Relations

Francisco González

Director of Corporate Communications

Jesús Alberto González

Director of Internal Auditing
Manuel Gómez
Legal, Control & Risks General Manager

Manuel Gómez

Manuel Gómez holds a degree in Law and Business Economics from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. He was the Director of Finance and Strategy at the FROB, an organisation he formed part of from its start up in 2009. Prior to the FROB, Gómez Gilabert held the position of Head of Savings and Credit Institutions Examiner in the Supervision Department at the Bank of Spain.

He joined Sareb in 2013 as CFO and was named Managing Director, Global Resources in February 2015. In 2016 and following a global reorganization he stands as Legal, Control & Risk General Manager. 

Albino Espinosa

General Controller

Soledad Borrego

Director of Regulatory Affairs & Control

Marisa García

Director of Legal Affairs
Alfredo Guitart
Business General Manager

Alfredo Guitart

With a degree in Economics and Business and more than 15 years' experience in auditing, Alfredo Guitart joined Sareb from ONO, which he joined in 2007 and where he was Director of Internal Auditing. Prior to joining the telecommunications company ONO, Guitart worked in the Corporate Auditing management team at Grupo Endesa for 4 years. He began his professional career as an external auditor at Arthur Andersen.

He joined Sareb in 2013 as Resources Director and was named Director of Global Transformation in November 2014. Since May 2015 Guitart holds the position of Business Managing Director.

Rafael Piaget Jiménez

Director of Business Network

Óscar Hernández Hernández

Director of Levante Regional Office
Iker Beraza
Deputy General Director for Strategy, Pricing and Information

Iker Beraza

Iker Beraza is a member of the State Economists Corps. He has a degree in Economics and Business Management from Madrid's Universidad Autónoma, and completed his postgraduate studies at Freie Universität, Berlin. Before joining Sareb, he was a senior advisor for financial regulation at the Spanish Treasury for five years. Prior to that, he was chief economic and commercial counsellor at the Spanish Embassy in Poland.

He joined Sareb in 2013 as Director of Strategy before being appointed Director of Finance and Strategy. In April 2016, Iker was named Deputy General Director for Strategy, Pricing and Information.

Cesar Barrasa Elizagarte

Director of Strategic Projects

Pilar Gutiérrez

Director of Planning
Idoia Maguregui
Deputy General Director for People IT and Resources

Idoia Maguregui

Idoia Maguregui has an extensive track record in Information Technology, Operations, Processes, Human Resources and Internal Auditing. She held the position of Chief of Operations Officer at NCG Banco. Prior to this, she was CEO of GNEIS Global Services, the Information Technology and Operations Company owned by Bankinter Group, where she worked for 25 years. She held various positions at Bankinter, including Chief Information Officer (CIO), Head of Human Resources Officer, Head of Internal Audit, Internet Manager (Processes) and Institutional Risk Control Officer.

In 2014 Maguregui joined Sareb as Director for Corporate Resources. 

Antonio González Feria

Director of Process and Back Office

Ricardo López

Director of Corporate Security

Ana Isabel  Martínez


Gloria Arias

Director of HR

Álvaro Areal Padilla

Director of Operations
Juan Ramón Dios
Director of Land Management, Development & Investments

Juan Ramón Dios

Juan Ramón holds a degree in Law. He has more than 25 years of experience in the national and international finance sector.

He began his professional career in the United Kingdom at TSB Bank and subsequently moved to Citigroup (1989-2002), where he held various managerial positions in several of the group’s different companies. He was Operating Services Director at ACC Bank and Risks and Operations Director and Vice President of Citifinancial Spain. In 2003 he joined General Electric Capital Bank, where he was Operations Director and in 2008 he joined the Barclays Spain team (2008-2015), as Risks Director.

Marisela González López
Real Estate Development Director

Marisela González López

Marisela is a Doctor of Law and received the distinguished Extraordinary Doctorate Award from the Salamanca University. Marisela has spent most of her career working in the real estate sector. She joined Sareb in 2013, as Comercial Manager and subsequently as Servicer Network Director. Currently, She holds the position of Real Estate Development Director.

Prior to that, she was Director of Client Management (Sales and Marketing) and Director of the Real Estate Recoveries and Restructuring Division at BNP Paribas Real Estate. In the same group, she was also Director of the Auctions and Foreclosures Division at Atisreal. 

Marisela was also a Partner at Gesinar Servicios Inmobiliarios (MBO transaction) as Director of the Auctions and Foreclosures and Director of Legal Business in the same company that was owned by Grupo Metrovacesa. She also headed up the Legal Auctions Department at European Estates and managed the Real Estate Legal Advisory Division at Ernst & Young. 

Over the course of her academic and business career, she has published various dissertations and articles in specialist real estate magazines.