Ethics and governance

Cabecera Ética-Gobernanza

Despite not being listed on the stock exchange, Sareb has adopted the Good Corporate Governance best practices applied to listed companies. Its regulatory framework is stricter than a standard limited company (SA). All of Sareb's employees are also subject to a strict Code of Conduct, the principles of which are based on the corporate values of integrity, transparency and commitment to society.

The company’s Conflicts of Interest policy also guarantees the integrity of all transactions approved by the Board of Directors. In 2016, this policy was applied 48 times.

The Compliance, Internal Control and Public Affairs department is responsible for ensuring the company complies at all times with the ethical standards set out for crime prevention, data protection and the prevention of other risks.

In terms of governance, Sareb has established security protocols to minimise the risk of process, system and employee failures. In view of the considerable amount of sensitive data that the Company handles, it has also put control systems in place to ensure the security of information relating to financial matters and asset valuations.

The above measures are not solely security-oriented, they are also designed to improve the efficiency of the internal processes at Sareb, in order to complete its significant divestment processes within a limited timeframe.